Monday, October 17, 2011

Value essay

I am racing down the street on my bike, as i stop pedaling i hear the loud clicks of the cassette hub behind me. The tires are moving smoothly along the hot asphalt ground with occasional crack of me riding over a stick or a rock. My heart is pounding with adrenaline. The twenty pounds and $1200 worth of metal, plastic, and rubber struggle under my weight. I firmly grasp the soft rubber grips and keep up my pace as I cruise down the street. I look down at the ground and see the light circle from the sun reflecting off my Odyssey hazard lite rim reflecting on the ground. Lately I've been seeing more and more bikers. In society cars are becoming more and more popular which means more people will be biking to avoid the congested roadways. I usually ride my bike EVERYWHERE. I will ride all the way to Walmart or right down the street. With my bike i can fly by cars stopped at a red light or stoped in a traffic jam. I usually get compliments on my bike. i personally think is beautiful. I have a black Fit Eddie 3 frame, black Fit shiv forks, black Mission echo front wheel, black Stolen cell bars, red and black Verde Pendelington seat, Stolen thermalite seat post, blue Profile cranks, Mechanik half link chain, and a black and chrome Odyssey hazard lite back wheel. My bike is my most valued possession. every night i store my bike in my room near my closet so it wont get stolen. I would be devastated if my bike was stolen. i frequently clean my bike whenever it gets dirty or after i ride trails. I ride my bike just about everyday its not raining or snowing. But enough with the valued things. Something to me that is priceless is my girlfriend. Me and my girlfriend get along very well. We hang out alot and when we do its the best feeling in the world. the only thing is that she lives in northhampton so its kind of a far drive but its worth it to see her. one of my favorite things about her is her laugh. i just love to be with her and no one could ever put a price on our time together. when were together we usually just hang out and do random stuff. its fun to because she likes to do crazy stuff like me so were perfect for each other.we met through my best friend's girlfriend. We have had our ups and downs but what dosent end us only makes us stronger. so far we have been together for a little over a month and it couldnt be going any better. We already heve lots of memories to share and remember. So as you can tell there can be a price tag on my bike but not on what me and my girlfriend have together.